Artificial Reproductive Technologies

The Fertility School is a basic as well as more advanced training facility for specialists involved in human artificial reproduction procedures. The School comprises 14 training sessions or courses, each dealing with a specific topic in ART.

During the sessions a thorough introduction to relevant other sites on the internet will be given, with the object of providing necessary insight for the doctors to gather further information on their own on the Web.

Each session will always be finalised by a test of up to 20 questions. Only after answering more than 80% correct will the participant be assigned CME points.

Primary investigation of the infertile couple
This session is aimed at teaching doctors to handle the primary investigation of an infertile couple optimal in respect to the resources and information to the patients.
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Stimulation of follicle development
Ovarian hyperstimulation and intrauterine insemination is one of the most frequently used treatment modalities in ART. It is therefore of importance to understand and know the basic principles and therapeutic possibilities to obtain optimal results.

Azoospermia: diagnostics and therapy
The development in male infertility treatment and initiation of new techniques provide the doctors with a new area of reproductive techniques and treatments. To understand and use these techniques a proper background in knowledge and therapy is needed. This program will introduce the doctor to the new aspect in treatment of men with azoospermia.

Genetics in male infertility
Following the introduction of advanced male infertility treatment, concern about the genetic background and consequences of this treatment have been questioned. This session is aimed at describing and taking care of these clinical problems.

Immunological infertility in the human male
Immunology has still a role to play in advanced infertility treatment. This session provides up to date knowledge in this field.

Male genital tract infections
Infectious agents in the genital track cause a great proportion of male subfertility. This session is developed to cover different aspects of this, including treatment.

Round cells in human semen
Often the embryologist reports of round cells in the seminal plasma. The impact and treatment of this is described.

  In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) treatment
In vitro Fertilisation techniques and related treatments are still in a fast development. Both clinical and basic scientific data suggest changes in treatment and indications. This session provides information on routine treatment protocols, impact on age, different medication strategies and results following a variety of causes for this treatment.

Ultrasound in ART
A pioneer in ultrasound and ART is teaching the doctor different aspects of the ultrasound investigation and techniques used for diagnosis and treatment in IVF.

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
Polycystic ovarian syndrome is an intrigue endocrine entity, and in many fertility clinics a major problem. This session will explain to the doctor the pathogenesis, genetics and pathophysiology of this disease.

The Human Ova
Both clinicians and paramedicals such as embryologists etc. will benefit from knowing the "anatomy" of the human ova. It is almost impossible to increase the results in ART or just understand the treatment modalities without knowing a few aspects of the developing oocytes and embryo. This session will enable clinicians to better communicate and understand what is happening in the embryology lab.

Endometriosis, pathology and pathophysiology in respect to reproduction is presented.

Introduction to the concept of sub fertility or fecundity
One in six couples have an unwanted delay in conception. Roughly half of these couples will conceive either spontaneously or with relatively simple advices or treatments. The other half remain subfertile or for a smaller proportion infertile and need more complex treatment, such as in vitro fertilisation and other assisted conception techniques.

Surgical procedures in advanced fertility treatment program
Primary surgical intervention can be been discussed for two purposes before and during advanced reproductive treatments (ART), i.e. procedures to evaluate and diagnose infertility issues and procedures to cure or correct such conditions.

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