Welcome to fertilityschool.com, an interactive e-learning platform and training facility for medical doctors and other specialists within artificial reproductive treatment.

Our vision is to provide better professional services and treatments for infertile couples – by exchanging new professional knowledge through basic as well as advanced Internet-based courses in artificial reproductive treatment. Fertilityschool.com has gathered some of the leading professionals within human reproduction, i.e. ultrasound, advanced fertility treatment, andrology, endocrinology and embryology. We aim at providing a Scandinavian standard for training and education in ART.

Ongoing educational programme with 14 sessions

Fertilityschool.com is an ongoing and flexible educational programme consisting of 14 independent sessions. You can either attend all sessions according to your order of preference, or select one or more individual sessions in accordance with your background and priorities. Each session deals with a specific issue within ART. You may choose to complete each session with a multiple-choice test. After you have passed a test, fertilityschool.com provides you with your obtained CME points (Continuous Medical Educational points, approved by Dansk Selskab for Obsterik og Gynækologi; Danish Society for OB/GYN). You can then submit them to the official authorities within your speciality. To successfully pass the test and receive CME points, you must answer at least 80 percent of all questions correctly. When the e-learning programme has been completed, fertilityschool.com arranges a 1-day confrontation seminar with experts who have contributed to the programme. This enables everyone to discuss specific items of personal and mutual interest.

The doctor can browse the material in any order, and take the tests at their leisure. When all the tests have been passed, CME points (Continuous Medical Educational points) will be granted and submitted to the official authorities within the specialty.

When the course has been completed, a 1 day confrontation seminar where all authors from the internet school will be present is set up. This enables everyone to personally discuss specific items of mutual interest

Why use the Internet as an educational tool for specialists?

Most doctors who carry out ART and related treatments are busy at their clinics. In addition, doctors prefer to be able to assess in advance the quality or relevance of a specific training programme. Often the level is either too basic or too advanced. These problems are avoided through an Internet-based teaching programme.

Fertilityschool - interactive e-learning for doctors in ART.