Session 1: Primary investigation of the infertile couple

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Which couple has the best chance for getting pregnant following one ICSI treatment ?

Husband 45 years old, women 37 years old

Husband 37 years old, women 23 years old

Husband 30 years old, women 30 years old

Husband 22 years old, women 30 years old

Which type of blood test is not relevant during primary investigation of the infertile women.

FSH/LH on day 3 in the cycle

S-progesterone on day 21 in the cycle


Rubella antibodies in blood

Which of these statement is not related to IVF-treatments.

Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome

Bleeding after oocyte pick-up

Increased abortion rate

Multiple gestations

What is the correct number of clinical pregnancies produced by IVF/ICSI in 2001?





Which statement is incorrect regarding infertile couple admitted to an IVF Clinic?

2/3 of all admitted couples suffer from both a male and a female factor

1/3 of all admitted couples suffer from both a male and a female factor

Approximately 50% of all cases in a routine IVF Unit in Denmark are admitted due to a male factor

Approximately 25-30% of all pregnancies produced following IVF/ICSI are multiple gestations

What is the most common and correct treatment schedule for a couple suffering from unexplained infertility?

IUI 3 to 6 times and then IVF if not pregnant

IUD treatment

IVF treatment immediately

IVF/ICSI immediately

How many IVF/ICSI cycles was performed in Denmark in 1999?

4500 cycles

6000 cycles

9000 cycles

3000 cycles

What is not included in the investigation and counselling of a couple suffering from a severe male factor i.e. less than 3 mill/ml sperm?

Taking a karyotype


Screening for testicular cancer

IUIH treatments

What is the probability for a couple to achieve a pregnancy within 4 IVF treatment , when the female partners age is less than 35 years of age, nor sactosalpings suffering from a tubal factor?

20 %

30 %

50 %

70 %

Which one of the following blood tests is not relevant for a women with regular menstrual cycles of 28 days?


FSH/LH on day 3

Progesterone on day 21

Which of the following investigations should be performed before entering a simple IUI program?




Which statement is best related to recurrent early abortions (abortion habitualis)?

This type of patient is best treated by ICSI

This type of patients is best treated by IUI and luteal support

None of the above statements

What is the best advise to the following situation: A 25 years of age women with known past history of a perforated appendicitis and a sever peritonitis during puberty , and no male factor in the history?

Wait 1 year before any investigations is initiated

Start and IUI treatment

Rule out any peritoneal or tubal factor first i.e. a HSG immediately

Which factor has the greatest impact on decreasing the pregnancy rate following any ART treatment ?

The lowest number of sperms per ml in a sample

The increasing age of the female partner

None of these statements

Women having a body mass index of 31 should be advised as following?

She should loose 30% of her weight before entering any ART treatments

She should at least loose 10% of her body weight before entering any ART treatment

She should be advised to start treatment regardless of her body weight

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